The beginning of change is through self-awareness.Taking the first step in searching for self improvement is difficult for most people and takes courage! Through your curiosity in therapy, you are already off to a new beginning and a path to change! Talking to someone about our everyday problems and exploring past wounds can be difficult for many of us. Just know that you are not alone! It is common for people to have automatic thoughts and behaviors from what they learned in their family. Although it may be difficult to change how your past environment has shaped your patterns, therapy can uncover your hidden processes and give you more control over your thoughts, behaviors and ways of coping.

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“Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.”

~Albert Einstein

Even if you cannot change the behaviors of the people which may have hurt you, you have the power and control to change the lasting emotional effects that it has in your life! One of the many benefits of therapy is that what you speak about is confidential so what you say in the room, stays in the room! I believe that therapy can only enhance relationships, making them fuller and richer. Whether you are someone who desires increase intimacy with your significant other, a parent who wants greater communication with your child, a student or employee who is having difficulty with achieving your full potential, or someone who is struggling with anger management, depression, anxiety, sexual abuse, grief and loss, ect., I offer many types of therapy based on your individual and/or family needs, which can be combined. Services that I offer include individual therapy, children/adolescents therapy, family therapy, couples therapy, Christian Counseling and group therapy.

For many, therapy is a new unknown experience. My goal of therapy is to work with you in meeting your goals and placing myself in your shoes. Each session is conducted at your pace and your own growth. I provide my patients with a safe place in which they can share their thoughts and feelings to explore any past hurts that stem from their family of origin without any criticism and judgment. A family tree is included in the service and will assist in guiding you with a visual of any repeated family patterns. The genogram/family tree process will create awareness of the triggers from past wounds that have been transmitted for 3 to 4 generations.

I offer a sliding scale fee which is based on your income for psychotherapy services involving individual, couple, family and children therapy. Also, some insurances are accepted, please inquire for more information. I look forward to assisting you in working with your insurance company. Phone and on-line consultation are free. I have experience with diverse backgrounds and issues to meet your needs. You can get to know me more on my about me page or give me a call! I am interested in getting to knowing you and answering any questions which you may have! I look forward in working with you, at your pace, and towards your own goals. You can contact me today at , by phone at (619) 905-5515, the quick contact form or the free on-line consultation form for more information. I look forward to hearing from you! My practice is located in Camino Del Rio South at Mission Valley. For directions and a map, please click on the directions page.